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Long Distance

by on May.05, 2008, under Poetry

Some odd thoughts put into free verse on my thoughts on Long Distance relationships. And yes, I’ve been in more then one, and yes, they all ended badly.

Long Distance
by Michael Morris

When frustration fell from your eyes,
I was not there.
When the cry for help came from your lips,
I was not there.

My love is but text on a screen
My heart is but bits of data
Streamed over the hard metal lines
From this place that I call home.

While many say such love can exist,
They have never embraced the reality.
The lack of warmth, the lack of touch,
Words on a screen, they can only do so much

So when one asks
If my feelings are a lie?
I say they are both true and false
As bits on a wire, running through time

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