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by on Sep.01, 2002, under Poetry, Song Translation

Okay, first off, this one isn’t something I can fully claim as my own. The original song was by Yoshiki from X Japan. I simply had some help getting it translated, and then translitterated and arranged it in English. But, I thought I would put it up here anyways, since I love the song.. and I DO very much enjoy arranging songs.

by Yoshiki, Adapted & Arranged by Michael Morris

The Injuring words that we heard, no
Brought fourth the painful tears of woe
This someday will become our memories
That’s why… an interrupted melody
Take my heart into yours, So tomorrow I’ll live again
Even if I can’t see you anymore

Chorus :

* Sing without you
I’ll sing without you
Can’t you feel my heart
Falling through the rain

I sing without you
I’ll sing without you
Can’t you hold my tears
Cause, still I love you

I can’t face the thought of being alone
I sing for the song still carries on
To embrace my heart, to sing my memories
Even though you’ll never hear the words..

Sing without you
I’ll sing without you
Can’t you feel my pain
There’s nothing I can do…

I still have a longing for your memory
Even though my heart aches with the pain
I want to leave you with my shattered heart
Even Now…I can’t do anything alone
As the rain comes pouring down, my dream continues breaking
Because tomorrow I’ll still be in pain

* repeat

* repeat

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