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A Bio of Yamiguchi Takahari

by on Sep.24, 2006, under Prose

This was a short Bio I put together for the above character for Guild Wars, and figured I would go ahead and post it up here as well.

Bio for Guild Wars – Yamiguchi Takahari
by Michael Morris

Yamiguchi Takahari was born into the House of Takahari shortly after the midsummer festival. A daughter of one of the distant members of the royal house, she was quickly put into training for her future duties before she can remember. She followed through with this training until her thirteenth birthyear, when she found out that she had been promiced to be married to the son of one of their rival houses. She had been raised with this always present thought that she would be able to find someone wonderful to share her life with, but instead, was being presented to a man who she felt nothing for, let alone wanted to spend the rest of her living years with. But any action other then following through with her parents wishes would bring much dishonor to her family. With no other option, she felt her only option was Jigai.

She was quickly found by her nursemaid with the tip of her tonto against her throat and quickly disarmed her. Tired from her ordeal, with tears streaming down her face, Yami fell into her nursemaids lap, and at that moment, a decision was made, and she left Cantha in dishonor in the darkness of night with her nurse maid. Their flight did not stop until they made it to her nursemaid’s homeland, the feudal kingdom of Ascalon. It was there that her nursemail Emi-san [Emidelia Rougt] fell ill and slept the eternal sleep, leaving Yami to be raised by Emidelia’s near sister, Rebecca. With child of her own, she took Yami in as one of them, and her help was met with gratitude, since Rebecca’s own were too young to help out with day to day matters. While not helping out, Yami began to work more and more with the forms of the blade that she had learned at an early age, and eventually began to train on and off with the members of the local militia.

By her eighteenth birthyear, she had grown much more confident in her ablities, and had helped out the militia on more then one occasion fend off attack on the town. Feeling that her usefulness would be better elsewhere, she thanked Rebecca and set off to redeem herself. With a recommendation from some of the townspeople, she went to Ascalon City and asked if there was a place for a Ronin in these lands. While initially confused by her self-given title, she was quickly given duties and began to assist the army with various deeds for the next two years. It was shortly after her twentieth birthyear that the sky fell.

After that point, she followed the Prince Rurik to the lands of Kryta and beyond, for nearly three years before she was taken in by House Xian, and began her quiet return to her homeland. It would be much later that she would find that her actions had caused the end of the formal Takahari line, all lost in a bitter battle that broke out after her dissapearance. With this knowledge, she swore upon all that had come before her that she would redeem the honor and status her family lost, and cherish the newfound alliance between House Takahari and House Xian.

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